Selling Tips & Tricks

How to Make Big Bucks Selling (Without Losing Your Sanity!)

1. Start Early! The more time you give yourself to sort and enter inventory, the less stressed you will be when the sale date rolls around.

2. Bins & Baggies. Bins and baggies are your friends when sorting and organizing for a sale. You can get them cheaply at the Dollar Store, Big Lots or Walmart. Smaller shoe-box sized bins are perfect for sorting smaller items such as embellishments. Larger bins will help you when working with 12×12 paper and paper pads. If you have lose or small items, bag them together and sell them as a lot! It’s better than having them get lost in the stampede of sellers!

3. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. This is why you want to start early! Set goals when sorting, if needed. “Today, I’m going to sort through my drawer of paints”, or “Monday is ribbon and yarn sorting day!” Before you know it, your entire craft stash will be sorted and organized.

4. Don’t try to sell junk. Sticker sheets with stickers missing, half used packs of embellishments, warped or creased paper and items that are ten years old are not going to sell. Consider donating these types of items to your local school/art teacher, Girl Scout troup, or retirement home.

4. Sort items to sell by categories and like items. In those lovely bins I mentioned earlier, sort like items. One bin can contain buttons, another, small bottles of paint, another, scrapbooking adhesives and glues, etc. This will make it much easier on you when it comes time to price everything.

5. Price to sell. The general consignment sale rule is to mark used products down at least 75%. If you have brand new items, recently released and in perfect condition, you can use your discretion, but I would not mark them down less than 50% off of retail. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “What would I personally pay for this item at a consignment sale?” and then mark the item down a little from the price you thought of. The goal here is to sell your items and make money. I personally would rather take a little less for an item than have to haul it back home with me after the sale!

6. Take Inventory. Once you have everything sorted and you know what you’re going to be selling in the sale, number your bins, and then write everything you’re selling down in a notebook, or create an electronic document that lists each item that’s in each bin. This will be a valuable tool for you once you begin entering your items into the consignment software, and also after the sale has concluded! Here’s the way I do it:

Bin A – Stickers
1. Making Memories Alphabet Stickers – Black – $0.25
2. Karen Foster Baby Girl stickers – $0.50

Bin B – Paint
1. Plaid Apple Barrel acrylic paint – brick red – $0.25
2. Tulip T-shirt puffy paint – midnight black – $0.50

7. Be careful with your tickets. Paper tears easily, and material can stain. When placing your sale tickets to item, be conscious of what part of the item you’re sticking it to. Will it destroy the item when the buyer takes the ticket off?

8. If in doubt – ASK! The Craft Closet ladies are old pros at consigning and consignment sales, and we want you to succeed and sell with us again. If you have question or concerns, we are only an email or phone call away.

Acceptable Items

To ensure a quality selection, please follow these guidelines for acceptable items:

  • Adhesives: unopened liquid adhesive, tape runner, pop dots, dimensional (foam dots/squares)
  • 3-Ring Binder and Creative Memories post-bound Albums (all sizes) – NO NON-CREATIVE MEMORIES POST BOUND ALBUMS UNLESS PART OF A KIT OR SET
  • Alterable items (mini-albums, unopened artist canvases, unpainted wood, etc.)
  • Paper and Cardstock – Cardstock, chipboard, vellum, patterned/printed paper
  • Craft totes, organizers and storage
  • Crafting books (NO magazines or catalogs)
  • Electronic / Manual die cutting machines, dies / cartridges / accessories
  • Papercrafting Embellishments: Unopened/unused rub-ons, eyelets, brads, stickers
  • Embossing tools, powders and glitter
  • Individual stamps, stamp sets and wheels
  • Ink pads and refills – must be in good condition – no dry pads
  • Other scrapbooking / stamping related items in excellent condition
  • Paper Punches
  • Beads
  • Bead Stringing materials
  • Jewelry findings
  • Jewelery-making tools and accessories
  • Baking & cake decorating supplies (no open food or perishable items)
  • Fabric (no small scraps, must be at least fat quarter size)
  • Ribbon and trim
  • Sewing implements and tools in good and working condition
  • Unused sewing patterns
  • Yarn
  • Knitting & Crocheting tools and accessories
  • Knit & Crochet pattern books
  • Paint brushes & painting supplies and accessories
  • Drawing and art supplies in new or gently used condition
  • Mixed media art supplies
  • All craft and art organization products
  • Any general craft supplies in excellent condition

We do not accept:

  • Post-bound scrapbook albums other than Creative Memories brand (post bound albums that are included in kits or sets are acceptable)
  • Damaged or inoperable supplies/tools (be sure to include batteries for us to test equipment)
  • Partially used sticker or rub-on sheets
  • Opened bottles of paints or adhesives
  • Partially used adhesive rolls
  • Dried out ink pads/refills
  • Creased or damaged paper/cardstock